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published about 1 month ago
Hero janeane garofalo live at the rio
One night only
Thursday, Aug 11 @ 8:00pm at 1205 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz map

Actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo has been an American institution since she burst on the scene in 1992. In addition to acting in film and television, Janeane is an outspoken activist, spoken word performer and stand-up comedy entertainer known and respected around the world.

published about 2 months ago
Hero monkees 2016 tour in monterey
An evening of music and multi-media splendor
Friday, Aug 05 @ 8:00pm at 417 Alvarado St, Monterey map

When four young men were cast in the television roles of a struggling rock band inspired by The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, few could have predicted the impact The Monkees would make on music and pop culture at large, an impact that still reverberates 50 years later.